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  Ice cream is one of my favourite no bake treats! It is honestly so easy to make! As you can guess by the title this ice cream is mint chocolate chip and it is so refreshingly delicious. The Ice Cream includes peppermint flavouring and chocolate chips.     I have wanted to make this recipe for so long so when Alice replied to one of my  Tweets  about guest posts I knew I had to make this for her blog. I love anything with chocolate chips in, including my  Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies   and my  Cookie Dough Showstopper Cake.   I also love anything mint flavoured so knew I had to combine the two flavours.     Ice Cream  This ice cream is no churn and it is so  so  easy to make! And it only includes 4 ingredients , how incredible is that.    To make this I used the whisk attachment on my KitchenAid and added the condensed milk, double cream and peppermint extract. I whisked for around 5 minutes until the mixture was thick and holds its own shape.     Next I add in the green food colouring


For a while now, I’ve been compiling this list of my favourite blogs that are out there. I’ve taken my time because I wanted to make sure I genuinely liked the blogs and the posts that they’re putting out and I am finally happy with the blogs I’ve found. So, here goes.... 1. Bryony Baker I first came across Bryony on Twitter but, when I started blogging, I began reading her posts and now I’m hooked. She posts amazing tips for bloggers and also fun and informative posts about life, too! 2.   Hello Bexa ‘Hello Bexa’ is anyone’s dream... in pink... lots of pink! Other than the pink (can you tell it’s my favourite colour) there are posts about super cute stationary and supporting small businesses which is a huge thing! 3. Love, Em Em brings out the best blog posts and reviews and she has also been super supportive over here on my blog, too. Go check out some of her reviews for some buying inspiration! 4. Mornings on Macedonia This blog fills my need for cute home decor i


A lot of people are vegetarian these days. Whether that is because of animal cruelty, health choices or just because it’s the latest thing, a LOT of people are now following this path. I became a vegetarian earlier this year. It was always something I’ve thought about but, I have never taken the plunge. Then, at the end of January I watched ‘What the Health’ on Netflix and decided that I would go for it. In ‘What the Health’ they explain the effects of eating meat on the body. I won’t explain all the science of it here but, it is definitely a documentary that I would recommend watching if you have an hour to spare. After watching the documentary, to me it was a no brainier that I should stop eating meat. I didn’t want to carry on putting my body through the effects that it produced. The process of stopping eating meat was relatively easy for me once I had stocked up on vegetarian alternatives. I didn’t actually eat that much meat before I made the conscious decision therefore,