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I've spoken a couple of times now about my love for crystals. I think they are such a simple way to change the energy within a space or person.
Again, I must say that crystals won't be for everyone. They are a specific way of working and some people just don't gel well with it. You have to believe that they work for them to help.
Today I thought I'd share which crystals I currently own. I don't have loads (yet) but, I am slowly branching out.

Rough StonesAngel Aura Quartz

My angel aura quartz is definitely beautiful but, pictures never seem to catch its full beauty. Angel aura quartz is a stone for inner peace and positivity. 
Honey Calcite

As you may have read in my April favourites post, my honey calcite has been one of my favourite stones at the moment. It is helpful in building strength in all aspects as well as reducing
Pink Agate Geode

This teeny tiny geode is very cute indeed. It helped me massively in improving my confidence in regards to maths. It is also sa…


My favourite gift ever is flowers. Thinking that someone has taken the time to send me some cute blooms makes me feel so special. This week I have been sent, and also sent, flowers using ‘Bloom & Wild’.
‘Bloom & Wild’ is a flower delivery service that spans the U.K., Germany and France. I was sent a box of letterbox flowers from a friend and they were absolutely gorgeous.
I’d looked at the letterbox flowers before but, was a little apprehensive. How can flowers be any good once they’ve been packed in a box? Well, I was wrong! All the flowers were protected in the box using mesh casing and such so, they all arrived in perfect condition. They came with a guide to help arrange them, too.

After my flowers were delivered, I hopped onto their website to send my lovely aunt some flowers. I picked tulips because she loves them and, it was as simple as that! I was able to send it straight to her door and she wouldn’t have to come into contact with anyone (safety first, right?) They ar…


Lockdown is still going on and it’s only getting more difficult. I’ve found myself being a lot more snappy this past week or so, and it’s been a lot more of a drag for sure. So, after a long time of constantly being inside, I decided to venture out.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve done lots of exercise but, I’ve only really walked about five minutes away from my home and I haven’t seen a face in real life for all that time. I felt like I needed to just see someone (from a safe distance, of course).
I am an enthusiastic baker so, I decided that I would bake up some gooey chocolate cupcakes and drop a few off for people. We boxed them up and my mum and I dropped them on the doorstep and then waved and said hello.

Seeing their faces has really cheered me up and I’m glad we brought some smiles to their faces, too! We’re hoping to make it a more regular thing!

How have you made someone smile this week?
Al x